Dear Families, 

We welcome you to the 2018-2019 school year, and our bi-monthly newsletter!  Our newsletter is filled with information related to our school, along with events and news. Each newsletter will also be e-mailed to you and shared in our private Facebook group.

Please keep in communication with us. Review each newsletter as it is sent, consult your Parent’s Handbook, and follow-up with our office with any questions you may have. Please send all your communications to



Hi parents! We have already out the invitations for both The Open House and The Conferences through Sign Up Genius. Please check your junk e-mail, and follow-up with our office if you have not received the invitation. It’s important that you attend both events!

Please make sure that you sign up for Open House on a day that your child attends school. If you have signed up for a wrong date please go ahead and choose a different date.

Also, please make sure your conference date is at a later time than the Open House date.

E mail us if you have any questions.



Our traditional Halloween Parade at school will take place on Tuesday 10/30 and Weds. 10/31 from 9:30 am- 10:30 am. Please make sure that day you send your child wearing his/her Halloween costume and bringing along a change of clothes in a labeled bag.

Please don’t send candies or goodie bags that day to school! We will make sure they will have a fun time during the Halloween celebration.


Our Parent Committee is organizing playdates throughout the year for the Community. Please save these dates in case you would like to attend:


  • Oct 18
  • Nov 15
  • Dec 20


  • Feb 21
  • Mar 21
  • Apr 18
  • May 16

The Committee will send more information this month and will let you know the host/hostess for each play date.

There’s already a group of parents who meet every Friday right after school at Stage Coach Park in Carlsbad – everyone ‘s invited.


Our Parent Committee need more volunteer helpers and more Room Facilitators. Please reach out if you’re interested!


  • Friday Nights Out – October 12 & 26
  • Fall Festival – October 27th from 10:00a-1:00p
  • Halloween Parade – October 30th & 31st from 9:30a-10:30a
  • Open House & Parent Conferences – Throughout the month of October. (Communications have already been sent.)


You are invited to bring your child to our Fun Friday Night Out every first and third Friday of the month (excluding holidays). Our Friday Night Out Event is open to the community. Children can bring their friends from outside Lingua Natal. Registration is now available on our website.

  • October 12 & 26
  • November 9
  • December 7

Please note that a six-student minimum is needed for each Friday or else we will, unfortunately, have to cancel the session.

The children come in with their pajamas; they are welcome to bring in their favorite game or toy; you would send their dinner and we will warm it up here for them. We always have a fun art project planned for the children. We usually make popcorn and watch a short movie in Spanish too.



When your child’s birthday is approaching, please first contact your teacher to find out a convenient day to celebrate your child at school. At Lingua Natal we have a unique way of celebrating birthdays that we called the “Dance of the Sun”. We would need at least one picture for each year your child has completed.

Please look in your Guide Book and pick one of the three recipes that we suggest and let us unless there are allergies in the class, in that case, the teacher will let you know when you book a date with her.


  • Send the ingredients early in the morning at drop off time or preferably a day or two earlier.
  • Do not send pre-measured ingredients. Cooking time is a great opportunity for the children to learn how to measure ingredients.

 Thanks for your help, and of course you are welcome to join us on that day to help celebrate your child at school.


Our annual Fall Festival Picnic is on this year and we can’t wait to celebrate with you and your entire family.

This year’s event will take place October 27th, 11:00-2:00p at Stagecoach Park in Carlsbad.

We would like to have a food truck and in order to secure one we need the commitment of at least 50 families. The family ticket of $40 will include food for all members of your family and we will ensure to have vegetarian options available.

Should we not collect admission from 50 families by Tuesday 10/9, we will return your money and we will invite everyone to bring in a potluck.

A collection box will be located at the check in/out table Friday 10/5 – Tuesday 10/9.

We can’t wait to see you and your families Saturday, October 27 from 11:00-2:00p at Stagecoach Park!


Lingua Natal Parent Committee



November and December as well as March and April are our Food preparation/Service and Hospitality months.

Stay tuned for upcoming communications and signup genius regarding the food preparation calendar.

All students will participate in preparing their snacks at least three weeks (parents won t be sending individual snacks). Nightingales will be inviting their Doves/Swans brothers and sisters over for snack several times during this period.


As you are well aware, we are having some issues with the application:(

Please note that as of Monday 10/8 all children will have been signed up 5 days per week on HiMama! The reason being is that in this way, the teachers can send their reports/pictures even if your child is not at school on a given day. This will mean that the teachers can send the reports and pictures out to you any time they have some spare time during the week.

Here’s more updates for you:

Please make sure that your account in Himama is functioning, otherwise let us know.  We’ve sent invitations to all parents – if you still don’t have an email from HiMama let us know.

The HiMama “baby” logo is no longer necessary – Parents can download the “train” logo also

Please watch the webinar for parents in the Himama application.

Updating Information on HiMama:

If you need to add a caretaker who will pick up your child or you want to update general information about allergies or something special that we need to know about your child you can do it directly in your child’s profile.


You should be able to see your invoices on your HiMama account. All accounts will be updated by the 20th of each month. Invoices are going to be sent out as of October as receipts cannot be issued unless we send out the invoices first!