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Elementary School

Parent Participation (Ages 14-24 mo.)

The Hummingbirds Program is a one-hour Parent Participation class. This is a cognitively stimulating, interactive, and energetic class. The class is conducted entirely in the target foreign language and is comprised of music and songs, movement, storytelling, and plenty of sensorial presentations of vocabulary. Parents also benefit from these classes! Hummingbirds classes are perfect for children whose parents are native speakers and non-speakers.

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Primary Program (Ages 3-6)

Lingua Natal is a unique school that prepares its students for the challenges of an international, 21st century world. Through our rigorous multi lingual education our students are able to develop the superior critical thinking abilities and mental flexibility associated with being bilingual and multi-lingual. Lingua Natal has over 23 years of experience in sharing cultures and languages. We take great pride in our ability to give students the tools needed to richly experience and succeed.

Doves and Swans students (2-3 year olds) are required to register for a minimum of 2 half days per week. Nightingales students (4-5 year olds) are required to register for a minimum of 5 half days, or 3 full days per week. Eagles students (6 year olds) must attend 5 full days per week.
*Our Kinder students are those who turn 5 before October 1, 2019.

Elementary School
Elementary School

After School Programs

Our structured, after school program for children in grades K-6th is based on the latest research in cognitive psychology and language acquisition. Our comprehensive and eight level program takes the children from the beginners level to the proficiency level in any foreign language they desire to take. Moreover and very importantly, as a result of the nature of our programs, we cater both native and language learners in our language programs.