Programs in an after school setting for children K-6th Grade

Lingua Natal, formerly known as KidSchool, offers structured programs based on the latest research in cognitive psychology and language acquisition and is designed specifically to stimulate children’s natural enthusiasm for language and communication.

Our teachers are specifically trained in our methodology and are dynamic, energetic and fun.

What is unique about us in the field of foreign languages for children is the fact that we take the children through the complete process of language acquisition.

Our comprehensive and eight level program takes the children from the beginners level to the proficiency level in any foreign language they desire to take. Moreover and very importantly, as a result of the nature of our programs, we cater both native and language learners in our language programs form age 1 to 12.

Lingua Natal  program is full immersion, multi sensory, hands on and fun. Our teachers are trained to teach a second language to children in an immersion setting where the “process” of language acquisition is respected.

Our groups are small and our children get plenty of attention and time to participate and interact in the target language.

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