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Pre-Primary Program Curriculum

Doves (Ages: 2–3)

The program for the Doves supports a holistic development of self-esteem and a sense of autonomy, independence, and self-control. The program is designed around the basic Montessori concept of “let me do it by myself” and “freedom within limits”. The program also fully supports “sensory process” which is conducive to joy of learning, emotional growth, concentration, and cognitive preparation for future intellectual academic endeavors.

In our Pre- Primary environment, developmental sensitivities for gross motor, a passionate love for established routines, an innate interest in music, and the development of pitch, rhythm, and melody are highly fostered.

It is during our Sensory Experience, Creative Art, Creative Music, Creative Movement Time as well as our Independent Activity Time with Montessori Sensory materials that independence, self-discovery, exploration, as well as positive social interactions, creativity, and expression are encouraged.

Together working in a team effort, parents, teachers, and the administrator help each other to provide a joyful first school experience and help develop positive initial impressions of school attitudes and learning.

We encourage frequent parent-teacher communications and the sharing of pertinent information just as quickly as changes occur. In addition to this regular contact, we schedule two to three parent-teacher conferences each school year.

Caring, safe, cognitively and physically stimulating, and emotionally nurturing.

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Learning To Work Autonomously

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Empowering Emotional Growth

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Establishing Social Routines

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Sensory Experience Art

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Creative Music Expression

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Mastering Physical Motion